jeudi 3 janvier 2013

La première journée

Today we spent most of our time walking around the beautiful city of Orléans, France, where we will be staying and studying over the next few months. For lunch today was bread with mustard (think Grey-Poupon, not French's) followed by "La vache qui rire" (translated: Laughing Cow) cheese. This was paired very delicately (see: chosen at random) with a bottle of Bourgogne Passetoutgrain 2010 from the Côté d'Or. All this was followed by a liberal serving of coffee (and, believe me, a liberal serving of French coffee isn't much). For supper this evening, eggs frites with mustard at the "Café Baggett-Nelson" (our apartment) with mustard and more fresh-baked bread, also served with wine. For dessert this evening was peach preserves that were left in the apartment for us by our landlady, and again finished off with some coffee. All in all, not a bad day of sightseeing and getting our bearings. We found a few places that interested us while we were wandering aimlessly that we may try for lunch one day soon. Our plan for lunch tomorrow is a small cafe that serves only "100% naturellement" food (read: organic/local ingredients) along with getting Anna a charger for her computer, because it is impossible to get an inverter for a grounded plug. In the meantime, resting our bones is in order along with a bit of research into what else we can do tomorrow. Until we get a computer that has a charger, we cannot post any pictures from the day. Désolée de vous dérangez.
Bonne journée!

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