samedi 5 janvier 2013

La marché en plein air et l'Université


Today, we went to an open air market on the river Loire that happens every Saturday here in Orléans. There was produce of all sorts, including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, fish, bread, shellfish, and flowers. We wound up getting a couple of different kinds of cheeses (Brie and Chèvre) along with a few fresh olives and some other assorted vegetables. Most of the produce in the market was locally grown and is of the best quality.

We also went to visit the University where we'll be studying and found out how to move around there. I may post a map later that gives you an idea where the university is in relation to the city. It was an interesting trip, and the school is laid out very logically, as well as being rather large for a European campus.

After napping for a majority of the afternoon (which is getting to be a bad habit), we got out of the apartment and walked around town. Orléans is even lovelier when it is lit, and the cathedral is even more intimidating (if we are supposed to fear God, the Catholics are doing it right). Our night was capped by a stop at a small Italian café close to the Place du Martroi and the statue of Jeanne d'Arc for dessert. I had Crème Bruleé with coffee and Anna had a Tiramisu. They were both excellent (Anna doesn't even like Crème Bruleé and she had trouble deciding which was better.)

(Edit: Also, I promised to make crêpes in the morning with some apple filling that Anna made tonight. Pictures are promised!)

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