vendredi 4 janvier 2013

La journée des manges

Bonsoir, tout le monde,

As I write this, I sit reclined in a rocking chair with "La Biere du Demon," sold as "The most alcoholic pale beer in the world," and at 12%, it's not a bad bet. Today, we had our first adventure in ordering at a restaurant (fully in French, of course, because very few servers here speak English). I had the absolutely best pork chops I've ever had. It is my assertion that the pork chops probably would have been better had I ordered a white wine or beer (Both Anna and I ordered a local red), but it was a gastronomic delight nonetheless. I will allow Anna to recount her dinner in a later post. After lunch, we took a long walk along the river Loire and took a roundabout trip back to the apartment, upon which we took a nap, to be awakened by our colocataire, or landlady, on her way by to check on how we were handling life in France. This evening, the two of us had a short refresher on our French, and dinner (for me) consisted of du pain, du moutard, et du jambon (bread, mustard, and ham.) We are in a continual process of cleaning up from moving in, but it has proven to be a slow ordeal, because we are out most of the day.

Au revoir

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