vendredi 4 janvier 2013

La nourriture!


Today was rather boring beyond our first restaurant experience. I woke up this morning grouchy and negative (mostly because I didn't want to get out of bed). Once we got out, I felt better, though. Today, Justin bought a large umbrella to fit both of us. It's cold and wet here.

Today, we tried our first restaurant. I've been very nervous about this, as my French, speaking-wise, is rather poor. Justin had to do most of the talking (sad face!). Justin ordered the plat du jour, which consisted of small roasted potatoes, a salad, and pork chops served with a mustard sauce. Obviously, I did not order the plat du jour (for anyone who does not know, I do not eat pork. I usually do not eat meat at all, but it is unavoidable in France). I ordered the poisson du jour, which was the fish of the day (I'll be eating a lot of fish here). My meal consisted of squid, stuffed with salmon, cooked in a butter and lemon sauce. I also had a green salad with a mustard vinaigrette. We both ordered a local red wine (a poor selection to pair with our meals, but we like red wine and wanted to try the local wine from Orléans). The wine was served with a cheese matched to compliment the wine. Bread was also served. The cheese and wine were excellent! Wine from the Loire isn't the best in France, but it's still better than any wine I have had in the US. My meal was excellent!

We finished the meal with an espresso at a small cafe across the street. I definitely feel better about ordering in French now. Most of the servers do not speak English (although, you can usually bank on at least one person in the place of business having some experience with English, even if it is minimal), but once they realize that you are an American with minimal French speaking abilities, they have gone out of their way to help us communicate. The French people we have met so far have been very kind, very understanding, and very appreciative of our efforts to speak French. This may change once we visit Paris, but I expect nothing less from a city that deals with tourists as much as Paris does...

~Anna Rikki

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