lundi 4 février 2013

Le Weekend

Last weekend, we stayed in Orléans (we will until we leave for our big trip to London and Berlin). But, we still had plenty of adventures. Saturday, we visited the cathedral in Orléans (see Justin's post in early January for the history of the Cathedral). I will add a post with my pictures from the cathedral.

For lunch on Saturday, we stopped at a restaurant on a corner near the apartment. It's a small place, very few people spoke English. We both had the plat and dessert with a glass of red wine.

Justin ordered the steak. I will let him tell you about his glorious steak. I ordered the lamb. I ordered the lamb "bloody" (medium-rare), and it was cooked to perfection. My lamb was served with mashed potatoes and carrots. The carrots were delicious! I have no idea how they were cooked, but they were tender and flavorful, without being overdone at all.

For dessert, Justin had crème brûlée.

My dessert...My dessert was a glorious, triumphant ending to a meal. It was an ice cream cake thing, served on top of a meringue, and a meringue was delicately placed on top and filled with raspberry sauce. The top was then covered with whipped cream. This dessert was everything ice cream wants to be. It's the grown up ice cream cake. You need this dessert. You must have this dessert. (we're probably taking Justin's parents to this restaurant when they visit. It was wonderful.)

We also had a "free" visit to the art museum in Orléans. After walking through the first two floors of the museum, we realized that A) I have an unhealthy obsession with food. I like food. I like pictures of food. I like reading about food. I like watching and preparing and eating food. B) We also realized that I have the attention span of a gnat when I don't get coffee. Justin took me to the restaurant by the cathedral. It was a giant tourist trap, and a special kind of hell that contains screaming children and teenagers. (but I got my coffee.)

On Sunday, we cleaned the apartment, and I made a sandwich for lunch. The sandwich is pictured in our new header, and was inspired by a train station cafe. I made a balsamic reduction, and we got fresh brie from the cheese lady in the market Friday night. I sliced the brie and put it on a split baguette with the balsamic reduction and some walnuts (after having a devil of a time cracking them). It was excellent! After we cleaned everything, we went for a walk. Somehow, we magically ended up at a cafe that serves ice cream. I have no idea how that happened, which means it must have been fate. I had an ice cream sundae with macarons. Did everyone get that?! ICE CREAM + MACARONS!!

If I had died in the instant after finishing that ice cream, it would all be worth it...

I also bought an evening gown that was supposed to be altered today, but I felt puny all day, so I slept instead. The gown is one shouldered and white. It's lovely!

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