mardi 26 février 2013

En Avance des Photos - IMPORTANT

Ok, so I'm about to post some pictures. You should REALLY appreciate these pictures. They're from the top of the Berliner Dom. Why should you appreciate these pictures with every ounce of love in your heart? Because it was expensive to take them? No. Because I did something illegal to get them? Not as far as I know.

Here's why:

For the uninitiated, the Berliner Dom is a huge Cathedral right on the River Spree in Berlin. The top of said cathedral provides a panoramic view of the entire city from more or less the city center. Therefore, a wonderful place to take pictures from vis-à-vis Sacré-Cœur in Paris.

To reach the top of the dome, you must climb stairs. Unlike Sacré-Cœur, however, these stairs are not stone steps. They are grated metal steps... On the way up. The way down is another story, which I will cover later. You can see exactly how thin the stairs are because they are not built in a spiral formation like the cathedrals in France. Moreover, the grates allow you to see allllllllll the way down.

When you get to the top of said stairs, it is rather disappointing. You can only look out windows, and you can't get a good panorama of the city. However, after about 15 minutes of walking, you reach the "walkway on the dome." I'm thinking solid, stone or concrete footing. Instead, creaky, frightening, bone creaking metal grating. It's cold, and I held on to the rail a lot. I only went to the edge to take pictures and take in the scenery.

The way down started with wooden stairs. This solved the "I can see how far I will tumble to my death" problem, but it created a mind-bogglingly frightening creak if you stepped on them too hard. Eventually we reached the bottom, and I was never more satisfied to be down from a place than this afternoon.

THIS is why you should appreciate the pictures I'm about to post.

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