mardi 19 février 2013

À Londres!

Good morrow to all from London Town!
We are experiencing all the sights and sounds of the seat of the largest overseas empire in history. Last night, we did a “London Walks” Jack the Ripper tour, and it was incredibly informative and very interesting. If you come to London, I highly recommend the “London Walks” tours. If you never come to London, I suggest you read their website concerning the Jack the Ripper walking tour. It makes absolutely clear that they are not associated with a “middle aged man wearing the cardboard top hat.” Apparently, they have had problems with such a character.

Anyway, after the tour, we had a couple of burgers, walked to the tube station, saw Batman... You know, the usual London stuff. (I have no clue why the gentleman was dressed as Batman.)

That's today's short blog post from a Starbucks in London. There are many, many other adventures of which we are to write. (As well as a few travel tips from your favorite bloggers. Or maybe just us.)

I'll let Anna tell you about an evening at the Moulin Rouge!

(Encl.: picture of Anna with a cow. Because.... Just take the picture of Anna hugging a cow.)

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