dimanche 3 février 2013

la routine

Anna Rikki here....I haven't actually written a post in quite awhile, so I thought I would drop in.

Interesting notes: both our vocabularies in French have increased tremendously. We do converse solely in French much more often (we also forget English words more often). Our accents are beginning to change as well, thanks to our phonetics classes. We are mistaken for being English a lot...
The weather warmed up for a spell last week. It was very nice to have a café outside for once.

Our routine: We both get up at 6:30am. We get up early because I like to linger over coffee and breakfast. Breakfast is either cereal, an apple, or a croissant/brioche with raspberry preserves.

Our bus leaves at 8:28am. We quite rarely make that bus, and we take the 8:38 bus. We arrive to the university, usually 5 - 10 minutes late for class (depending on who has the 9am class). Luckily, being a little late isn't a tragedy here...

Lunch is usually at 12 or 12:30. Our lunch varies between being 30 minutes to an hour and a half long (Mondays we only have 30 minutes). We get lunch from a small boulangerie near campus. Our lunch consists of either pizza, a sanchwich, salad, and all other french delights. We share a bottle of Badoit, and we have an espresso afterwards. On Mondays we just buy a baguette and share it.

After lunch, we have class until 4:30. We take the tram back to the Place De Gaulle (the tram takes substantially longer than the bus). Once we get back to the city, we stop at a salon and get either hot chocolate or a sweet and an espresso. Then, we usually walk around the city for a little while. This week, I have to have a dress altered on Monday, and I have to pick up my parents' anniversary present on Tuesday. We spend most of our evening looking at the different stores, visiting the cathedral, and all sorts of fun sights. Around 7:30, we head back to our tiny apartment (usually with a baguette in hand).

Supper consists of whatever veggie we bought at the market the weekend before (this week, it is spinach). Bread and mustard often makes supper as well (or just an apple or pear). We usually have a glass of wine in the evening as well.

Sometimes we go out again in the evening, or we stay in and bum around until bed time. Whatever floats our boats...

Weekends, we usually sleep in, and we go out for lunch on Saturday.

Obviously this routine is not set in stone...but it is the general outline.

Justin also usually gets flowers for me once a week. This week I got yellow carnations. :)

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